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CLICK HERE FOR OUR EarlyON Schedule Acton and Georgetown – Spring 2019


For children 0 to 6 years of age.

Early ON Child and Family Centres are places where parents and caregivers can:

  • Take part with their children in a range of programs and activities
  • Get answers to questions
  • Get information about programs and services that are available for young children
  • Talk to early years professionals, as well as other parents and caregivers in the community

EarlyON Child and Family Centres locations

Acton EarlyON Centre

85 Wallace Street, Acton, ON L7J 2G1

Georgetown EarlyON Centre

8 James Street, Georgetown, ON L7G 2H3

Parent/Caregiver and Child Programs

Check out these interactive programs that you participate in with your child. Parents and/or caregivers are welcome. These programs include:

  • Adult and Child Together (Drop-In)
  • Time for Tots (Drop-in)
  • Family Together (Drop-In)
  • Mother Goose (Registered Program)
  • Playtime in the Park (July and August)

Parent/Caregiver Programs

Please join in our group discussions for parents and caregivers. It is an opportunity to meet, talk and build on knowledge and skills. The schedule includes:

  • Networking Together
  • Baby and Me
  • Dad’s Connect
  • Caregiver’s Connect
  • Hour Time Lunch and Learn
  • Educational workshops and courses

Resource Library

Books, videos, tapes, articles, parent/child kits and other supportive resources are available in the Georgetown and Acton Centres during program hours.

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