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A few kind words from our amazing staff, volunteers, and clients.

I love this job. I have a very supportive leader. The wage is better than other places. They value my job. Commuting can be very stressful, but the salary is fair and they pay mileage. My clients are very nice and independent (most of them) and when that is not the case, my leader has my back and helps to improve the situation efficiently.

Personal Support Worker

After caring for my own father, I needed to do satisfying, necessary work that contributed to society. Being an HSW has been very fulfilling and allowed me to grow as an individual. I maintain the dignity of clients who are overwhelmed and unable to clean up after themselves. I like to think we bring hope into their homes.

Home Support Worker

Thank you so much for the experience I had supporting Meals on Wheels over the past 3 years. I will never forget how you made me feel so welcome and supported.

Meals Volunteer

My Friendly Visiting client and I have become fast friends. Our visits vary – we do groceries or window shopping; cooking to freeze meals for another day; go for walks culminating in a stop at our favourite coffee shop; play scrabble, or just sit and chat over tea and cookies. I derive as much pleasure as she does, and I am getting a lot of psychic income out of this.  I am glad I linked up with Links2Care.

Friendly Visitor

My worker does a better job of cutting my hedge and cleaning the yard than I used to do on my own. He is a pleasure to have at the house, and could not be more friendly and concerned with doing a first class job. 

Cutting the grass and shovelling snow has become difficult for us due to our age.  Links2Care has been a God send. These services definitely helped me to remain in my house. 

I can rely on Links2Care for home maintenance such as outdoor maintenance, cleaning in and behind my stove and fridge, and installing fixtures and knowing it is done well.  Without this help I could not maintain my home because of my physical disability. I am grateful for your services. 

HMR Clients

Watch this video for a few more thoughts on being part of our team.

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