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February 6, 2018

Have you noticed new signs up at Links2Care’s Acton and Georgetown Ontario Early Years Centres? Don’t worry, Links2Care continues to operate these centres as enthusiastically as they have for the past 15 years, but – as of January 2018 – under a newly rebranded name: Links2Care EarlyON Child and Family Centres.

The Ministry of Education’s goal for this exciting transformation is to enhance the quality and consistency of child and family programs across Ontario. The changes will combine Ontario Early Years Centres, Parenting and Family Literacy Centres, Child Care Resource Centres and Better Beginnings, Better Futures centres under one program model so everyone can get the same services at all EarlyON Child and Family Centres in Ontario along with programs tailored to each community. The idea is that:

  • All expecting parents, parents, caregivers and home child care providers have access to high quality services that support them in their role;
  • All children have access to inclusive, play and inquiry-based learning opportunities to improve their developmental health and well-being;
  • All parents, caregivers and home child care providers have a better understanding of early learning and development, find it easy to access support, and are provided with an accessible, non-stigmatized place to seek help; and
  • Local services collaborate in an integrated way to meet the needs of children and families and actively engage parents and caregivers to increase participation.

What Is EarlyON?

Links2Care EarlyON Child and Family Centres provide opportunities for children from birth to 6 years of age to participate in play and inquiry-based programs, and support parents and caregivers in their roles. These centres offer safe and welcoming environments and are open to all families across Ontario, with qualified professionals and quality programs. Families and caregivers will be able to find support, advice, make personal connections and access a network of resources.

If you have not had the opportunity to visit Links2Care EarlyON Child and Family Centres in Georgetown and Acton in the past, we invite you stop by to see the exciting programs and services we offer.

Click here for our program calendar.

For more information, please call 905-873-2960.

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